Don't just mark time; use the time to make your mark. (Harvey B. Mackay)

For over 10 years at Intermedia Time, it is our passion for the time that has guided us, a dedication that translates into pure beauty when the scanning of minutes and seconds comes to life, showing and making itself heard in the perfect dance of the gears of our Swiss-made watches.

Each assembled timepiece is our personal tribute to the craftsmanship and history of a brand that first embodied and then exported to the world the very idea of precision.

Our Swiss-made watch production service involves the design, assembly, and inspection of the case, dial, movement, and all components.

Assembly is a crucial stage in the production of true quality watches. It is at this stage that each component must be assembled in perfect harmony with the others and respect the values and performance expected when choosing a Swiss watch. At Intermedia Time, assembly is performed with extreme precision, through a tried and tested system of functional and aesthetic control.

Our meticulous attention to production and assembly is supported by certificates attesting to the intrinsic quality of the individual parts and of the timepiece as a unit.

We like to believe that every timepiece made by Intermedia Time is a tribute to the expertise of Swiss master watchmakers and a hymn to the beauty of every moment. This combination guides our choices and our work on a daily basis and has always been the driving force behind the ambition to achieve excellence in our Swiss-made watches.

Find out more about our main services:

• Watch assembly: dials and spheres are mounted to the movement and then encased and closed. We can assemble quartz watches, watches with mechanical automatic movements, and watches with mechanical hand-wound movements.
• Water-resistance control: by pressure and vacuum (on request).
• Customer service: general clock overhaul and related after-sales services