What is the minimum order?

For OEM projects the minimum order is 500 pieces.
To purchase one of our catalog items, the minimum is 10 pieces. Following link.

How to certify Swiss made watches?

Together with our watches, you will receive the certificate of origin issued by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

Is it possible to assemble components not produced by us?

Yes, it is possible. Through our assembly line we offer our customers the assembly service for mechanical automatic and quartz watches.

How is it possible to produce Swiss made quartz watches?

Following the change in Swiss legislation, 60% of the watch must be produced in Switzerland.
To fulfill this obligation, we have the possibility to produce the cases and some components directly in Switzerland.

Is it possible to customize the movements?

Certainly. We can customize rotors and movement components. Visit the dedicated page

What is the duration of the guarantee?

24 months from international standard