Imagine for a moment designing a fashion accessory that should reflect the style of the 70s and be sleek without frills, be valuable, be an object that should be worn by a man of class who presents himself to the world with optimism and has a traditional, elegant and sober aesthetic code: in short, a self-confident person who never wastes time and has clear ideas while concealing a functional complexity to his personal being.

Which discipline could help us in this creation? Perhaps imagining this man and his avatar-object in the future, combining engineering and style, materials and psychology, colours and moods.

We do not believe in adding to or removing anything from the thousand definitions of Design; what is certain is that we need this design process: a multifaceted approach to finding a solution that meets a market demand or simply allows us to achieve something good, something beautiful.

And if this object were a watch, would it be a Swiss-made wristwatch?
Which watch recalls sleekness on the one hand and complexity on the other?

When creating our Swiss-made automatic private label wristwatches, we consider this union of Swiss design and production, the elegance in the dial and the complexity of the movement to show underneath the glass back plate: a customisable movement for your personal touch.