swiss made movement gold Eta 2893-2

The fascination of a watch also lies in the movement and in the complexity of its mechanisms, which admirably succeed in transforming the kinetic energy of the wrist that wears it into the elastic potential energy of a spring that, compressed in that way, becomes the “battery” capable of moving the mechanisms of our timepiece.
Intermedia Time creates your own movement. We are able to modify the components of the movements available, both by means of rhodium-plating techniques to color structural components of the movement, and by making rotors according to the design of your brand.
With laser engravings on the rotor and other parts of the watch you can get a personalized and exclusive product, for limited series and sure effect.

The most classic decorative motif applied to mechanical movements is the “Côtes de Genève“, which was created in the 1920s in the French canton of Switzerland and is still widely used in wristwatches. This is a manual or numerically controlled process, with which thanks to the translatory movement and at the same time rotary movement of the drill are made finely brushed bands with a semicircular design that transmits a refined “wave” effect that captures and reflects light.

The term “chamfering“, typically at 45 °, indicates the machining of some components of the mechanical movement in order to remove the sharp edges. Created to safeguard the hands of watchmakers, it became a highly appreciated decorative technique, being performed manually. Today most of the chamfers are made by pressing or in numerical control centers, except for watches of particular value.