Technical knowledge and manual dexterity are the origins of a recognized success, that of Swiss movements, works of high micro mechanics that can require the assembly of even hundreds of components.

There are endless valid movements to choose from when designing a watch. Thanks to our experience in this market at Intermedia Time, we are able to guide and advise our customers towards the choice of the best-customized watch, following the requirements and design demands that are essential for a timepiece that is both beautiful to look at and impeccable in performance.

We are not, however, talking today about the most emblazoned and expensive movements of the various brands of Swiss watchmaking, but we do mention the ubiquitous, reliable, and durable 'ETA Valjoux 7750'. This is a three-counter chronograph movement, with hour, minute, seconds, and double date functions with rapid correction.

A self-winding movement that has not at all felt the weight of the years, launched on the market in 1974, and is still today synonymous with efficiency, robustness, and pure performance. So if you ask us what our proposal in this field is, the answer is the 'Tirreno', a timepiece built with a titanium case and strap and the reliable Eta Valjoux 7750 to characterize its infallible performance.

Our way of bringing together aesthetics and tradition, the guarantee of our many years of experience to create a watch that never goes out of fashion.